Monthly Archives: July 2017

Ep 24: Amphibious Friend

This week the boiz discuss what it means to be an amphibian vs a puppet.  Ian finds a new life coach.  In our Side Quests the spotlight is on an up and coming young ASMRtist.  Our main quest this week focuses on an article from The Atlantic, “I Tried a Spa Treatment Designed to Produce the Tingly Feeling of ‘ASMR’” by Julie Beck and “Whisperlodge” the art project described in the article.

Ep 23: Laptop Lifestyle

This is a big one for us, this episode marks a pretty big milestone. In this episode we actually spend some time discussing ASMR! We also discuss what it means to live the laptop lifestyle and go on some sidequests which some people may claim have nothing to do with ASMR. Our main quest this week focuses on the ASMR Research Project survey being conducted by Karissa Burnett, Jennifer Allen, and Craig Richard. More information can be found at

Ep 22: Just a mess

This episode is a complete disaster. Both John and Ian suffer computer problems, and John’s fire alarm goes off. There were some issues with the audio files as well which I’ve done my best to fix. We have a very eventful Indulgence Corner this week and set some lofty new goals. This episode features some intimate time with Ian. Our main quest this week focuses on “*)*(* Happy 4th of July *)*(*” by Gentle Whispering ASMR.